Freebirth Freedom Session with Yolande

You're determined to have a home birth.  

You’re leaning towards choosing a freebirth, or unassisted birth, but sometimes you question if you can really do it!   What about the pain, the intensity--what if you panic?!

You wonder if it might be better--smarter, safer--for you to hire a midwife or a birth attendant.  

But maybe the midwives in your area are busy, or it could be you’ve already met with them, and they’ve labeled you too “high risk” for a homebirth--but you question that assessment, and you’re looking for another way.  

You know deep down that homebirth is the right decision for you, and for your baby, and you feel intuitively that you are capable of birthing in your own power.  

But you still have doubts.  

Are you scared of hemorrhage because your mum or your aunt hemorrhaged after birth?  Maybe you’re terrified of tearing and of not being able able to be stitched at home?

All the potential complications that you’ve heard and read about are spinning around your head.  
You wish you could pinpoint your concerns, and establish whether or not your fears are based in reality.  

You’re reeling over the amount of information that’s out there, and confused by the conflicting opinions of others.  You have a mountain of books on the subject, but it’s all starting to blur.

You know that birth is not a medical event

And you  feel pretty confident that you don’t need to be seeing a doctor, but maybe there are some tests and diagnostics that you really would be better off accepting?

Navigating the system seems overwhelming.  Should you talk to your doctor about your plans to birth at home just in case?  

Does it make sense to have a tank of oxygen on hand just to be on the safe side?

You’re not even really sure what supplies you will definitely need for a homebirth.  

What about the pros and cons of waterbirth?

Is having a doppler on-hand necessary?

You’re ready to clarify your birth plan with confidence.  

But where to begin?

If only you had the benefit of a decade of experience! If only you could consult with someone who deeply understands independent, autonomous freebirth, and the conditions that will lead to your best chance of success.

You need someone smart, compassionate, and unafraid of speaking the truth about birth, to help you cut through the noise coming from the medical community and from caring (but uninformed!) family members, to get to the core of what really matters when it comes to making the best and safest choices for you and your baby.

Does any of the following sound familiar?

You feel like free birth is probably the right choice for you, but you’re still worried about GBS, and PPH and everything else.  What are the real risks?

You feel like you’re alone in believing that your body can give birth without medical intervention.  Your partner accepts your choice, but you can tell he doesn’t really get it, and can’t offer much practical support. Most other people just think you’re nuts.

You’re afraid that the pain will be too much, and you’ll cave under the pressure of your friends and family to go to the hospital.

You feel torn between the confidence you feel deep down, and the worries that other people seem intent on imposing on you.

Sometimes you wonder if the choice to free birth at home is crazy!

I work with smart, independent women who are sick of feeling disempowered by the myth that childbirth is a medical event from which we need to be delivered. I help mothers navigate the process of planning and manifesting their freebirth without fear.

I have been attending births, teaching prenatal classes and working with pregnant and birthing mothers for over ten years. I’ve witnessed countless beautiful healthy physiological homebirths.  Every one of these mothers has birthed her baby in triumph like a warrior goddess, without strangers’ hands in or on their bodies, and each and every one started out feeling the way you do.  

I also gave birth to my own 6 children at home--my first when I was 20 years old, after I fired my registered midwife, and found the underground support I needed.  I was terrified, but determined to make it happen, and I did it! (And if I can do it, so can you!) That experience changed my life profoundly, and I want as many women as possible to feel that indescribeable power and euphoria.

I’m also a certified health coach, and Pilates instructor, and I have many years of experience in prenatal nutrition and wellness.

As a result of this program, you will:

* Acquire the tools to shift the central fear that is causing you anxiety about your birth

* discover the most significant factors that will impact whether or not you have the home birth you want

* know exactly what supplies to have on hand for your birth process, how to use them, and where to find them

* understand the signs of most major complications so you can feel confident about giving birth at home

* get clear on whether or not hiring a doula, a birth attendant, or a midwife is the right thing to do, for you (and the important distinctions between all of these)

* feel self-assured and prepared for what to expect with the onset of the birth process, the early stages of birth, transition, pushing your baby out, and the immediate postpartum period

This Package Includes

First-Steps to Freebirth Questionnaire (Including 4 Magical Questions)

This will allow you  to better understand your own concerns going into our first coaching session, and will give me clarity on where we need to focus so that I can be ready to address your worries or interests with as much information as possible.

Freebirth Planning Worksheet

An insightful worksheet that will help you clarify exactly how your ideal birth is going to look, feel, unfold, and blossom. Includes a supplies checklist, and a guide for getting your partner on-board, and helping him or her feel secure as a support-person.

A First 45 Minute Phone/Skype Coaching Session

During this coaching session, we will discuss your biggest birth-fears, strategies for how to address and shift these fears, as well as the logistics of birth, how birth feels, and how to self-assess and deal with potential complications at home.  We’ll end the call with a first-draft of your clear and focused birth-plan, and a strategy for navigating family relationships, friendships, and the medical system with confidence.   

My Mp3 of Freebirth Affirmations and a Powerful Recorded Meditation Session

This audio recording is an extremely effective way of priming your subconscious for a peaceful, joyous birth.  The thoughts that we entertain do in fact create physiological changes in the brain, and subsequently, in our bodies.  When we consciously define the focus of our thoughts, huge change can happen! Shifting the locus of our attention creates a flow of energy, and opens up our future to new possibilities. These affirmations and the meditation session can be used day or evening, while in the car, or as part of your regular meditation practice.

The Bauhauswife Prenatal Nutrition and Wellness E-Book

This 20-page e-book explains in detail the very best approach to food and nutrition during pregnancy, and the role of nutrition in avoiding pregnancy complications like pre-eclampsia, HELLP syndrome, Intra-uterine growth restriction, bloating, and even post-partum hemorrhage. Included is a meal planner, to help you get organized, and an exercise and wellness section to ensure that you and your baby are in the best state of health possible for an empowered pregnancy and birth.  

A Personalized list of resources

I’ll share with you my very favourite books, websites, and resources, along with articles that will pertain to any specific issues you might have, so you’re not wasting your time on material that might not be meeting your needs, when planning a homebirth or freebirth.

Two weeks of email support

During the two weeks between our first and second phone/skype coaching sessions, you are welcome to email me with any concerns you might have, and I’ll happily answer within my working hours.

A final 45-minute phone/skype coaching session

During our last coaching session, we will finalize your birth plan, and address any underlying/outstanding issues you might have around your birth. I’ll give you my formula for dealing with any new fears that might come up, and you will end this session feeling strong in the decisions you have made, and ready to move through the remainder of your pregnancy and birth with clarity and optimism.

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